Adelphi University / Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Germany

Strengthening water diplomacy for transboundary cooperation and water justice

Tuesday 25 August | 14.00-15.30 | Room: FH 201

Given water’s significance for human life and prosperity, transboundary freshwater basins are both a source of conflict risks and a chance for institutionalizing cooperative behavior. International donors often justify their support for transboundary water cooperation as a contribution to peace-building and regional integration, yet positive political spillovers from technical cooperation on water have frequently proven elusive. Against this backdrop, our side event reflects on the prospects and challenges for global water diplomacy in an interactive session with high-ranking practitioners from the foreign and water policy communities. What legal, institutional and diplomatic methods are available for water-related conflict prevention and resolution? How have they been applied, and in what ways can they be improved?

Building on last year’s side event co-organized with SIWI and the Stimson Center, this year’s event extends these discussions, in particular with a view to considering a range of instruments, tools and methods that foreign policy-makers could use for strengthening transboundary water cooperation in the interest of reaping regional cooperation dividends. The audience is invited to discuss with the panellists how and where these different instruments might achieve the greatest effect.


Strengthening Water Diplomacy for Transboundary Water Cooperation and Water Justice  

14.00                    Welcome by SIWI and adelphi

14:05                    Key note on “Water diplomacy”

Shafiqul Islam, Professor & Director, Water Diplomacy Program, Tufts University

14:15                    Key note on “Water justice”

Dr Marian Neal (Patrick), Programme Manager International Centre for Water Cooperation, SIWI

14:30                    Panel discussion


Dr. Hazem Al-Naser, Minister of Water and Irrigation of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan     


Mr. Per Lindgärde, Ambassador and Senior Advisor (Horn of Africa), Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Africa Department)

Prof. Seifeldin H. Abdalla, Chairman Water Resources Technical Organ, Ministry of Water Resources and Electricity, Republic of The Sudan

Prof. Stephen Lintner, former Senior Technical Advisor, World Bank          


Aaron Salzberg, Special Coordinator for Water Resources, US DoS (tbc)       


Dr. Fritz Holzwarth, formerly Deputy-Director General for Water Management, Ministry of Environment, Nature Protection and Nuclear Safety, Germany (tbc)

Benjamin Pohl, adelphi (chair)

15:00                    Q & A & discussion with audience