Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment of the Netherlands / Nestlé

Managing change: future water stress and flood risk assessment tools

Wednesday 26 August | 16.00-17.30 | Room: L12

Water crises and extreme weather events have been identified by the World Economic Forum as two of the top 10 global risks. Having too little, or too much, water leads to devastating impacts, and while these are often local, water security is now recognized as a systemic global risk. Research by the World Resources Institute (WRI) finds that 56 percent of irrigated agriculture is grown in areas of high water stress and that exposure to flood risks threatens cities worldwide. However, the real problem is that these risks are expected to intensify due to climate change and ever-greater demands on our water resources. As governments, communities, and companies start exploring how to manage these growing threats and implement the SDGs in the Post-2015 Development Agenda, it is critical that they understand the different climate and water-related risks, as well as the benefits of proposed interventions. This seminar will present 2 new quantitative and publicly available tools developed by WRI and its partners that identify where and how climate and disaster risks are expected to grow over the coming decades, and help understand the implications of different interventions under three socio-economic and climate change scenarios from IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report. 


Theme 1: Projections of future water risks

16:00-16:45 – Panel discussion on WRI’s new projections of future water risks and potential applications from a business, government, and international development perspective.

  • Introduction –  Brian Richter, The Nature Conservancy
  • WRI’s Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas Future Projections of Water Stress – Paul Reig, WRI
  • Use case: corporate water risk assessment – Carlo Galli, Nestlé
  • Use case: international development – Adrien Couton, Dalberg Global Development Advisors 
  • Use case: financial sector – Liesel van Ast, Global Canopy Program
  • Q&A and panel discussion

Theme 2: Projections of future flood risks

16:45 – 17:30 – Panel discussion on WRI’s new projections of future flood risks and potential applications from a government, international development and disaster risk management perspective

  • Introduction – Betsy Otto, WRI
  • WRI’s Aqueduct Global Flood Analyzer – Tianyi Luo, WRI 
  • Use case: international development – Kees Bons, Deltares
  • Use case: disaster risk management – Knud Falk, Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre
  • Use case: government – TBD, Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment
  • Q&A and panel discussion