German Toilet Organization

Kick-Start Development through Holistic Scaling-up of School Sanitation

Sunday 23 August | 16.00-17.30 | Room: NL Auditorium
Group handwashing in schools, Lao PDR, by Ivan Sarenas

The MDGs did not use the opportunity to address school sanitation. At the same time, the positive impacts of safe toilets and hygiene practices on health, nutrition, gender equality and education are getting more and more apparent. In the post-2015 era concerted efforts are needed to up-scale school sanitation and hygiene, harvesting the multiplier-effect that schools can have on the development of their respective communities.

The event combines three key ingredients of successful sanitation approaches in schools: Sensitization, management of toilet facilities and incremental infrastructure improvements.The session introduces a variety of school sanitation initiatives from different parts of the world (Fit4School, GTO-Initiative “Toilets making the Grade®”, School-Sanitation Initiatives in India and Africa), each with its own merits, and launches a SuSanA publication on school sanitation case studies as well as a checklist for the site selection of sanitary facilities.

Seminar participants are invited to discuss how the triad of sensitization, management of toilet facilities and incremental infrastructure improvements can help to increase ownership and sustainability of such interventions. The seminar hopes to fuel discussion on a fundamental issue, which requires more political will and investment in the post-MDG era.


Kick-Start Development through Holistic Scaling-up of School Sanitation

16:00 Opening and Welcome: German experience with global sanitation

Franz Marré, Head of Division "Water; Urban Developement; Transport", Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Germany

16:05 Safe and sustainable sanitation - a good investment for health and education
Oliver Schmoll, WHO European Centre for Environment and Health WHO European Centre
for Environment and Health

16:10 The challenges of implementation – From financing to proper disposal
Kirsten Offermanns, KfW, Germany

16:15 The "Toilets making the grade”® contest: Applying successful German school sanitation approaches to international WinS projects
Thilo Panzerbieter, German Toilet Organization

16:20 The  "Fit for School" Approach - and the adaptation to different contexts
Dr. Bella Monse, GIZ Philippines

16:25 The “Three Star Approach” as an example for donor coordination
Lizette Burgers, UNICEF (tbc)

16:30 Combining approaches for successful upscaling in school sanitation
Dr. Arne Panesar, Sustainable Sanitation Programme, GIZ Germany

16:35 Safe siting of sanitation systems
 Ramon Brentführer, Policy Advice Groundwater, BGR, Germany

16:40  Panel and audience discussion on Holistic Scaling-up of School Sanitation
•     Dr. Arne Panesar, GIZ Germany
•     Thilo Panzerbieter, German Toilet Organization
•      Lizette Burgers, UNICEF (tbc)
•      Dr. Bella Monse, GIZ Philippines

17:25 Summary and wrap-up by moderator