#SIWISofa: Accountability as means to improve Sustainability of water services

Monday 24 August | 09.00-09.30 | Room: Exhibition Hall

WASH services too often fail to bring lasting benefits to the people they seek to serve. It is estimated that 36% of rural water supplies in sub-Saharan Africa are non-operational at any given time. Few of the main deficiencies in service delivery have to do with a lack of physical availability. Research show that delivering sustainable improvements depends on whether service delivery is governed in an accountable fashion. To tackle this, UNICEF and the Water Governance Facility at SIWI have developed a partnership “Accountability for Sustainability”, which between aims to generate knowledge and develop tools to achieve improved accountability in WASH governance and thereby deliver increased sustainability. In this SOFA, Cecilia Scharp, UNICEF Senior Water Advisor, and Silvia Gaya, UNICEF WASH Chief in Madagascar, will discuss about the importance of governance and accountability for the sustainability of WASH services, and what can be done in practice to improve it