#SIWISofa: Fashion, Factories and Water: Sustainability at Source

Wednesday 26 August | 13.00-13.30 | Room: -
Sweden Textile Water Initiative

Too few fashion brands appreciate the value of actively working to address water risks, let alone, see the lost opportunities by failing to do so.  Even for the most progressive corporates, water-related risks are exacerbated by weak compliance, arbitrary enforcement of national laws in production countries and corruption in the public sector.

Dedicated to enabling a world with clean water and sustainable textile and leather industries, the Sweden Textile Water Initiative (STWI) has a solution. By measuring the Value-Added Water in the production process and producing reliable, comparable data, a better understanding of the impact on water quality and quantity can be seen and acted upon.

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  • Eva Kindgren de Boer, CSR and Quality Manager, KappAhl
  • Sara Winroth, Sustainability Manager, Lindex
  • Harsh Seth, Programme Manager, Stockholm International Water Institute

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