Accelerating Development by Building a Prosperous Environment for WASH

Tuesday 30 August | 16.00-17.30 | Room: NL Auditorium
Water Brings a Smile by Jon Warren, World Vision

There has been much dialogue about the need to create sustainable water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) solutions by enhancing government leadership, strengthening country systems, and creating space for positive private sector contributions.   In fact, it’s broadly recognized that Sustainable Development Goal 6 for universal access to sanitation and water will not be met without significantly increasing government, NGO, and private sector  collaboration.  The conveners will present concrete examples of how they are collaborating to deliver results in accelerating universal access while building government capability and leadership as well as creating significant return on investments to both local and multi-national businesses.   Specifically, examples from the Ethiopian, Zambian and Rwandan governments will be provided that show how collaboration with NGOs including World Vision led to changes in government standards in order to create sustainable WASH solutions and alleviate poverty among vulnerable communities.  Grundfos and Procter & Gamble will provide specific examples of how working with the NGO sector and governments has led to positive returns on investment, built markets in the developing world, and extended their business to low income consumers while at the same time contributed to WASH policy and helped extend universal WASH coverage.  


16:00  Welcome by moderator

16:05  Setting the Stage:  Building a Prosperous Environment for WASH

Greg Allgood, World Vision

16:15  Perspective of  Ethiopian Government

H.E. James Dengchol, State Minister for Water Supply and Sanitation Sector

Tamiru Gedefa wami, WSS-PMU Coordinator

16:25  Perspective of Rwandan Government

To be Confirmed, Ministry of Natural Resources, Government of Rwanda

16:35  Partnerships to build markets and contribute to universal WASH coverage

Rasoul Dashtbani Mikkelsen, Grundfos

16:45  Building a Bridge to Universal WASH - Private Sector Innovation & Partnerships

Allison Tummon Kamphuis

16:55  Audience Q&A and roundtable discussion including topics of:

  • Building Government Capacity
  • Collaboration of governments, NGOs, private sectors
  • Return on Investment
  • Progress on Universal Coverage

17:25  Summary and wrap-up by moderator