Water and mining- Economic growth or depletion of natural resources

Monday 29 August | 16.00-17.30 | Room: FH 307
Water in an open pit

Mineral and energy resources have the potential to foster economic growth in many developing countries. One important factor for mining operations is water. It supports the development of the mining industry on the one hand but on the other water resources might be polluted and overused by the mining process. Water is needed for the extraction and processing of ores, as well as domestic water for the mining workers. Whereas the mining industry is mainly interested in sufficient water quantity, to the countries it is essential to sustain water resources in good quantity and especially quality for domestic, agricultural, touristic and industrial development. In the past and still today, mining operations can have a large impact on water resources. They can cause acidification and chemical pollution through the usage of additives for the mining process. In arid countries there is a risk of water depletion that impacts on other water users and the environment. Environmental regulations, water monitoring, innovative technical solutions and an integrated water management are essential to protect precious water resources in mining areas.


Moderation: Florian Wassenberg, Head of Policy Advice (Mineral and Energy Resources), BGR

16:00  Opening statement
Daniela Krahl, Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development

16:10  Aspects of Water Management in Mining
Sven Altfelder, BGR, Head of Unit “Contaminated Sites and Environmental Monitoring”

16:30  Case study: Water contamination by mining activities in the Upper Copper Belt, Zambia
Dr. Kawawa Banda, University of Zambia

16:45  Water & mining: A view from the mining industry

Hubert Fleming, Anglo American

17:00  Question and Answers

17:25  Closing remarks