China Water Risk / Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies

Making sound energy choices today to achieve water security tomorrow

Thursday 01 September | 09.00-10.30 | Room: NL 357
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In most developing and emerging markets, meeting the rising energy demand is a central precondition for economic growth and social development. In many parts of the world, energy expansion occurs at the expense of water security, undermining sustainable and inclusive growth. Wiser water management in the energy sector is urgently needed if the international community is to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to meet the climate goals agreed at COP21 in Paris.

This event will present cases from different parts of the world where the energy sector poses serious risks to water security. Why aren’t decision-makers in the energy sector taking sufficient account of water security? What are suitable entry points for reconciling energy growth with water security for all? The event will cover both policy responses and technological solutions across several countries. The combined energy and water expertise of the co-convenors, invited speakers and an interactive session set-up will ensure a fruitful exchange of ideas on sustainable growth within the constraints of the water-energy-climate nexus. Building on debates that have been stimulated by the World Water Weeks 2014 and 2015, the results of this session will be disseminated both into the international water and energy communities.


09:00  Welcome and introduction to the session

Sybille Roehrkasten, IASS

09:05  China water matters: from water-nomics to investment decisions

Debra Tan, China Water Risk

09:20  Hydropower, bioenergy and water resources in Sub-Saharan Africa

Angela Klauschen, Global Water Partnership

09:35  The coal industry and the global water crisis

Harri Lammi, Greenpeace

09:50  Panel discussion with questions and answers from the audience

Moderator: Sybille Roehrkasten, IASS

  • Debra Tan, China Water Risk
  • Angela Klauschen, Global Water Partnership
  • Harri Lammi, Greenpeace

10:25  Closing remarks

Debra Tan, China Water Risk