Public Private Platforms for Sustainable Growth and Development

Tuesday 30 August | 11.00-12.30 | Room: FH Congress Hall C
Water security partnerships for people, growth and the environment

Sustainable allocation and use of water resources are essential if a country’s economy is to grow, create jobs and sustain development for all. However increasing urbanization, growing water demand and climate change all create risks to growth and investment.  The best way to manage these risks is through collective action, with the private sector, public sector and civil society co-operating to manage scarce resources sustainably.

2030WRG has set up 10 multistakeholder platforms (MSPs) in water stressed countries. These MSPs have completed key analytical work, improved the laws and regulations around the use of water, and are mobilising new and innovative sources of funding to deliver key water projects.

To meet the SDG goals for sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, we need to invest in adequate water resources infrastructure. In doing so, we make a contribution to better the lives of millions of people by maintaining and creating water related jobs.
Financing of water investments is a major challenge for many countries.  New financing models, innovative financial instruments and blended finance involving both the public and private sectors is needed, with a careful selection of priority projects and partners. 


11-11.10  Welcome
Anders Berntell

Charlotte Petri Gornitzka, Director-General of Sida

11.15- 11.25  Water Mining and Sustainable Growth, Peru
Mercedes Castro, Special Representative of the President of Peru

11.25-11.35  Agri-tech finance
M.B. Patil, Minister of Water Resources, Karnataka, India                        

11.35-12.05  Panel discussion

  • Mohammed Zahidullah, Head of Sustainability
    DBL Group - Bangladesh   
  • Juan Jose Huerta, Executive Secretary, Water Advisory Council, Mexico
  • Engineer Robert Gakubia, Chief Executive Officer
    Water Services Regulatory Board, Kenya

12.05-12.20  Q&A alongside interactive discussion with the audience

facilitated by Moderator

12.20-12.30  Wrap-up & closing