Cracking the Water Finance Puzzle: Crowding in Private Finance

Wednesday 31 August | 09.00-10.30 | Room: FH 300

The water SDG’s represent a significant challenge in terms of identifying the financial resources to meet the various targets, such as universal access for water and sanitation and increased water efficiency. The World Bank estimates that the shortfall is $114 billion per annum to 2030 and it is clear that the current combination of public, private and donor resources is insufficient to make up the shortfall and maintain the existing and new water and sanitation infrastructure to meet the SDGs.Ultimately, financing the water SDG’s requires policy makers, service providers, donors, consumer and the private sector to map out a way forward to achieve this ambitious goal. The proposed session would be a panel discussion highlighting the following points:(1)What critical actions are needed to trigger the exponential increase in commercial financing that will be required to achieve the water SDG? (2) What are the most promising and scalable financing solutions that you have seen in practice? (3) What is needed to get beyond “project-by-project” solutions, and move blended finance into the mainstream? (4) Are there lessons in blended finance we can draw from other sectors?


9:00 Introductions

9:05 Brief Overview Presentation


9:15 Initial Thoughts from Panel


9:40 Initial Round of Questions from the Audience

9:55 Panel Response

10:10 Second Round of Questions from the Audience

10:20 Concluding Remarks from the Panel