General Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Planning and Design at Ministry of Water Resources, China

New approaches to water management for sustainable development in China

Thursday 01 September | 16.00-17.30 | Room: FH Little Theatre

China faces profound water management challenges. As its economy evolves, public expectations of environmental quality shift and climate change takes hold, how should the country’s policy makers and planners make the most of its water resources? And how can China learn from successes and failures around the world on issues such as water allocation, flood and drought risk management, basin planning and river restoration?

This event will share insights gleaned from an ongoing collaboration between the General Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Planning and Design (GIWP, under the Ministry of Water Resources, People’s Republic of China), WWF and other partners which has sought to find the answers to these questions. The main outputs from this collaboration are a set of strategic guidelines which summarise the state-of-the-art on strategic water management and which have been used to support policy and planning in China and beyond. The guidelines have drawn on inputs from more than 30 international experts and on lessons from 40 case studies in Australia, Africa, Europe, Asia, North America and Latin America. The event will synthesise key aspects of these guidelines and look ahead to the future of water management in China.


16:00 Opening speaker

Zhang Zhitong, chief planner of the Ministry of water resources

16:10 Sustainable utilization and management of water resources in China

Yuanyuan LI, Water Resources and Hydropower Planning and Design General Institute, China‘s Ministry of Water Resources (GIWP)

16:30 Integrated management approaches for river basin: Taking the Drought Risk Management as an Example

David Tickner & Paul Sayer, World wide fund for nature (WWF)

16:50 Panel discussion with questions and answers from the audience

Moderator: Lifeng LI, WWF


Mr. Yuanyuan LI, GIWP

Mr Håkan Tropp, SIWI

Ms. Yasmin Siddiqi, ADB 

Mr. Guy Pegram,   PEGASYS

17:25 Summary and wrap-up by moderator