Climate change and water quality: Connecting the dots

Tuesday 30 August | 16.00-17.30 | Room: NL Music Hall

Water is gaining traction on the climate agenda following COP21, and the issue is likely to become more prominent at COP22, November 2016, in Morocco. However, discussions on water in the context of climate change are largely focused on drought and flood management. This is despite that climate change effects on water quality are likely to be significant - an issue which remains under-discussed and under-researched.

The IPCC predict that climate change will exacerbate water quality challenges, due to altered precipitation and flow regimes, altered thermal regimes and, in coastal areas, sea level rise and salt-water intrusion. This will have negative impacts on freshwater ecosystems, human health, and water system reliability and operating costs.

An important area for policy and research is the increasing need to find cost-effective solutions and policy instruments to improve and maintain water quality under a changing climate. New developments in this area will contribute to minimising human health and ecological impacts, and to achieving the SDGs.

The objective of the event is to gather new evidence on how climate change affects water quality globally, to consider innovative policy responses, and to explore how climate finance can support water quality management.


Moderator: Xavier Leflaive, OECD

16:00    H.E. Charafat Afailal, Minister in charge of water, Morocco
           Introductory remarks

16:10    Panel discussion

  • Sarantuyaa Zandaryaa, UNESCO: What we know on the potential impacts of climate change on water quality, building on IHP's activities
  • Maggie White, AGWA, Eau Vive, Water Right Makers: IPCC work on the issue and policy perspectives
  • Célia Blauel, Eau de Paris: A utility's perspective
  • Ania Grobicki, Ramsar Convention on Wetlands: The benefits of green infrastructure
  • David Tickner, WWF-UK, Financing adaptation projects that address water quality issues
  • Zouhir Abdelaziz, Office National de l’Electricité et de l’Eau Potable, The experience of Morocco

16:50     Interaction with the floor:

  • New knowledge on how climate change affects water quality
  • Responses from developed and developing countries

17:25    Concluding remarks

  • Xavier Leflaive, OECD
  • Sarantuyaa Zandaryaa, UNESCO