Practical Solutions for Sustainable Small Water Enterprises in India

Wednesday 31 August | 16.00-17.30 | Room: M4
Small water enterprises (SWE) are financially viable, socially inclusive businesses for off-grid water supply. They are critical to meeting SDG 6, but they require tools to be successful.

Small water enterprises (SWEs) are financially viable, socially inclusive businesses that offer real potential in making rapid and cost-effective progress towards Sustainable Development Goal 6. They should play a prominent role in filling the significant gap in safe water access between basic technologies and large infrastructure.

This event is focused at the enterprise level – the operations of SWEs – and the enabling environment required for scale.

A panel of experts from the government, development agencies, private sector and NGOs will address the critical elements necessary for SWEs to be successful. Panelists will share their experience in implementing practical solutions and applying business principles to help SWE operators, funders, and regulators, including:

  • Service-level benchmarks for SWEs in India for ensuring critical aspects of sustainability, and how they will allow for assessing SWE performance
  • Digital tools for selecting appropriate water treatment technology, assessing operations, and evaluating financial viability, developed by Safe Water Network. These are grounded in direct experience on the ground, most recently through a partnership with Honeywell India to provide 60,000 people with safe, affordable water access in Telangana. 


16:00 Welcome & introduction of panelists

Almud Weitz, World Bank (moderator)

16:05 Presentation: Service-Level Benchmarks for Small Water Enterprises & Digital Tools 

Poonam Sewak, Safe Water Network

16:15 Panel discussion with audience

  • Jagan Shah, National Institute of Urban Affairs, India
  • Sean Kerrigan, World Vision
  • Anand Rudra, US Agency for International Development
  • Poonam Sewak, Safe Water Network

16:45 Q&A w/ audience

Almud Weitz, World Bank (moderator)

17:20 Conclusion and closing remarks