Overseas Development Institute / University of Technology Sydney

Basins to Boreholes: Monitoring for Water Security

Sunday 28 August | 14.00-15.30 | Room: FH 202
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Too often the real water challenges faced by poor and vulnerable populations in developing countries are absent from high-level discussions and debates around the achievement of water security.  WASH activities tend to ignore the trade-offs generated with other water users and the threats to water resources from pollution or diversion.  In water resource management (WRM) there is often little consideration of smaller scale, diverse and dynamic water needs at community or individual levels. Similarly, monitoring data is often not utilized optimally at country and community levels where it is needed most.

This session aims to share lessons on how WASH and WRM activities can synergistically contribute to a wide range of Global Goals.  WaterAid’s efforts to increase resilience to drought with communities in West Africa; IUCN’s work on building drought resilience in East Africa and micro-watershed development in Guatemala; and ODI’s work on making the case for more adaptive, equitable and integrated WRM for economic growth in Ethiopia will be showcased.  Collaborative and targeted monitoring frameworks for interventions and impacts should help to take successful small scale activities to basin and national level scales.  Framing presentations will guide innovative interactions with the audience to gather lessons and learning from practitioners.


14:00  Opening remarks
 Ken Caplan, Director, Partnerships in Practice

14:06  Audience Actions - questions for the audience to consider during presentations for later reflection
Melita Grant, Senior Research Consultant, Institute for Sustainable Futures

14:10 Presentation: West Africa focus
Lucien Damiba, Regional Learning Centre Coordinator, WaterAid

14:20 Presentation: Making the case for water resources management: lessons from Ethiopia
Beatrice Mosello, Research Officer, Overseas Development Institute

14:30 Audience Actions: clarifying questions to presenters?
Ken Caplan, Director, Partnerships in Practice

14:40 Presentation: Local country led and global monitoring using GEMI data – uniting WASH and WRM programmes
Melita Grant, Senior Research Consultant, Institute for Sustainable Futures

14:50 Audience Actions: Round tables to discuss key questions

15:15 Audience Actions: Roundtable feedback to plenary
Key points to be collected Capture of points by conveners

15:25 Wrap-Up & Close – what we will do next.
Ken Caplan, Director, Partnerships in Practice