Catalyzing natural capital financing for water security

Tuesday 30 August | 11.00-12.30 | Room: NL Music Hall

Investments in watershed management, water infrastructure, and water programs have grown due to the increase of water shortages, extreme floods, and other related crises. Water programs are finding new and innovative ways to diversify their finance structures and attract new sources of funding. However, these investments do not come without challenges or barriers. Lack of financial feasibility and bankability of projects coupled with weak governance can impede the creation of private revenue flows for many water safety projects, or sufficient government budgets for major water investments. 

The objective of the session is to  identify barriers and opportunities to unlock needed financing and mobilize IFI actors and domestic actors (public and private) to invest in nature. The conservation will surround an illustrative example from Colombia and the advancements made in developing finance models, such as water funds, but still face challenges in scaling up finance for these types of investments. The panelists are invited to reflect on the case study and discuss lessons learned, and what types of engagements and factors are needed to find success in water financing. 


11:00 Opening Remarks-- Keith Alger, RARE

  • Welcome and overview of the session
  • Bio intro to set up presentations from Andrea Erickson (TNC) and Juan Carlos Franco (FMSD)

11:05 Presentation-- Daniel  Shemie, TNC 

  • The global context of the importance of investing in nature and water, what is the problem, and what is at stake if we fail (fish, forests, health).
  • Setting up why we need to talk about challenges and barriers to financing natural infrastructure solutions 

11:15 Presentation-- Juan Carlos Franco, Fundación Mario Santo Domingo (FMSD)

  • Experiences from Colombia perspective in developing innovative models for water management that support conservation and development goals
  • Sharing opportunities and challenges developing and scaling up these models  in Colombia and beyond 

11:35 Panel Discussion and Q&A from audience on enabling conditions for financing and bridging the gap

Moderator: Daniel Shemie, TNC 

  • Juan Carlos Franco, Fundación Mario Santo Domingo (FMSD)
  • Chaminda Rajapakse, WRG 2030
  • Debra Tan, China Water Risk

12:25 Closing Remarks (IUCN, RARE, TNC)