International Water Management Institute / OCP Policy Center / Texas A&M University

WEF Nexus Platform: Achieving the Water, Energy and Food SDGs

Sunday 28 August | 16.00-17.30 | Room: FH 202

This event focuses on how implementation of the Water Goal (SDG 6) impacts and is impacted by the food and energy goals. Moving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into the implementation phase requires extensive effort using holistic, multidisciplinary approaches for which the water–energy–food Nexus thinking can be a useful platform. While we work toward achieving all 17 goals, we must also understand the level of interconnectedness and the potential competition between them. For example, during the implementation phase, how do we achieve the water goal without sacrificing the food security goal, given that food security is inherently dependent upon the availability of water? The post 2015 agenda and its implementation will have implications for how the nexus platform evolves and is used for holistically assessing the implementation and monitoring protocols for the SDGs. These approaches need to be complementary to the SDGs, to facilitate science-based decision making, monitoring, assessment and cooperation. 2012’s World Water Week focused on “food security” and 2014 on “energy security.” This Event complements both, bringing a well suited set of organizers, representing a wide range of expertise from academic, public, and private sectors with extensive experience in disciplinary and multi-disciplinary fields and extensive nexus expertise.


16:00  Welcome & Presentation of white paper

          Rabi H. Mohtar, Texas A&M University WEF Nexus Initiative,       OCP Policy Center

16:10 General Questions

16:15  Panel 1: Interlinkages and Tools

         Moderator: Torkil Jønch Clausen, OCP Policy Center


  • Nina Weitz, Stockholm Environment Institute
  • Mark Rosegrant, International Food Policy Research Institute, IFPRI
  • Jeremy Bird, International Water Management Institute, IWMI
  • Diego Rodriguez, World Bank

16:30  Audience engagement / discussion

16:50 Panel 2: Implementation and Financing  

        Moderator: Eelco van Beek, Global Water Partnership, GWP


  • Yasmin Siddiqi, Asian Development Bank
  • Al Duda, World Wildlife Fund, WWF
  • Will Sarni, Deloitte Consulting LLP
  • James Dalton, International Union for Conservation of Nature, IUCN

17:05  Audience engagement / discussion

17:20  Next steps and Concluding Remarks

       Rabi H. Mohtar, Texas A&M University WEF Nexus Initiative, OCP Policy Center

17:30  Adjourn