Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

Security Actors in the Governance of Scarce Water Resources

Monday 29 August | 14.00-15.30 | Room: L11

This event will convene a dialogue of experts to discuss local, regional, and global security implications of increased water scarcity induced by climate change. While rarely the determining factor in inter- or intra-state violent conflict, water stress compounds the risks of political instability and fragility, including but not limited to local resource disputes, adverse impacts on livelihoods, increased migration, and conflicts over transboundary water resources. Competition over diminishing water resources also means that it will also increasingly become a strategic commodity and potential political tool.

Overall, this event will be a platform to highlight the need for resource (water) scarcity to be better incorporated into mainstream political-military policy analysis and policymaking, in order to proactively mitigate such risks. In addition, participants will be tasked with brainstorming potential ways in which security actors can play a constructive role in the governance of water resources under conditions of scarcity. The dialogue will be in a roundtable format with a SIPRI moderator. The discussion will be open for questions and interactive dialogue with the audience. 


Security Actors in the Governance of Scarce Water Resources

14:00  Welcome

Dan Smith, SIPRI Director

14:10  Roundtable Discussion

  • Prof. Marcus D. King, George Washington University
  • Prof. Ashok Swain, Uppsala University
  • Ms. Karin Olofsson, SIWI Board Member, representing the Green Party

15:00  Open Discussion with Audience 

15:20  Closing Remarks

Dr. Therese Sjömander Magnusson, SIWI Director