International Water Management Institute

Powering up the Region-Balancing Water and Energy Use in Asia

Tuesday 30 August | 11.00-12.30 | Room: FH 202
Powering up the Asia Pacific Region (ADB Photo Library)

With continued population and economic growth and adverse impacts from climate variability and change increasingly felt, the growing demand for power generation and energy resources in the Asia-Pacific region will increasingly compete with water and food production goals. Total primary energy demand in the Asia-Pacific region is projected to almost double by 2035, while industrial water use might brow by 65%, domestic uses by 30% and needs by the far largest water use, agriculture, might yet increase by another 5%. 

As a result of growing demands on these important resources, their interconnections are now much stronger and growing. This calls for more integrated strategies across the energy and water sectors, as new investment in a power plant might fall short of expectations if required continuous water flows might not be available. Similarly, high-efficiency irrigation development requires that adequate energy resources are available not only for system operation but also for all back and forward linkages associated with increased food production. 

This panel-style session will showcase both examples and solutions from the Asia Pacific region to the growing competition and tradeoffs between energy and water development goals and strategies.  


This panel-style session will present examples from the Asia region that showcase both examples and solutions to the growing competition and tradeoffs between energy and water development goals and strategies.  It will start with 5-7 minute opening remarks followed by a moderated discussion among panelists and between panelists and the audience.  

11.00–11.10  Introduction to the session

Yasmin Siddiqi (ADB) and Mark Rosegrant (IFPRI)

11.11–11.16  Key Water-Energy Linkages in Asia and beyond

Mark Rosegrant, IFPRI

11.17–11.22  Water and Energy: Challenges and Opportunities in China

Ashok Bhargava, ADB

11.23–11.28  Improving Hydropower Outcomes through System-Scale Planning - An Example from Myanmar

Jian-hua Meng, WWF International

11.29–11.34  Inclusive water and energy nexus in Bangladesh Laura Basco Carrera, Deltares/ Water Youth Network

11.35–11.40  The Solar Crop: Innovation in India’s Agricultural Landscapes

Dave Wiberg, IWMI

11.41–11.46  Energy impacts of urban water security in Asia: status, risks and solutions

Steve Kenway, U. Queensland

11.47–12.10  Moderated Panel Discussion

Moderator: Yasmin Siddiqi (ADB)

12.11–12.30  Q&A with the audience

facilitated by Yasmin Siddiqi (ADB)