German Development Institute / International Fund for Agricultural Development / United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification

Drought, food security, migration and Climate: Policy and Conflict Implications

Thursday 01 September | 11.00-12.30 | Room: NL 357

Climate induced hazards such as droughts, heat waves, floods and typhoons have clear negative impacts on food security, conflicts and migration.  Influx of migrants witnessed in countries such Israel and Jordan with already highly stressed water resources can elevate migration as a security issue. Drought and water scarcity are pinned down to be a contributing factor for the civil unrest and subsequent migration in Syria. Unfortunately, countries continue to manage drought and water scarcity as a ‘crisis’ and react only after the event has taken its tall with often poorly coordinated emergency relief measures. A silo approach is still the norm.

The event will highlight the interconnectedness of drought, food insecurity, conflict and migration. The role of empowering the vulnerable rural population, relevance of coherent and coordinated proactive policy approach will be discussed. Given the multi-faceted nature and interconnectedness of drought, food security, conflict and migration, a particular focus will be given to the need for integrated approaches and the institutional coherence in order to identify solutions, minimize cross-sectoral trade-offs and harnessing synergies.


11:00 Welcome

11:05 Keynote: Climate change, droughts, and migration: Adaptation or conflicts, which will we choose?

Robert Mcleman, Wilfrid Laurier University

11:25 Panel discussion

Moderator:  Michael Brüntrup, DIE


  • Ousman Sowe, Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Water and Wildlife, the Gambia
  • Rikke Olivera, IFAD
  • Mats Eriksson, SIWI
  • Daniel Tsegai, UNCCD

12:20 Wrap up and closing

12:30 Close of event