#SIWISofa: The industry in move towards circular economy

Thursday 01 September | 10.00-10.30 | Room: -

The Circular Economy dynamic creates value from breaking a triple silo approach :

  • Technical silos first: Generally, energy, water and materials are managed separately, whereas the circular economy is a true nexus approach to water, energy and waste management, with a view to develop the synergies and find the most local solutions.
  • Social silos between industries, cities and the civil society:  untapped solutions lay in between municipal and industrial sites, and new collaborations of industries, cities and society are necessary.
  • Beyond infrastructure and operation silos: life-cycle: From the traditional linear “take, make, dispose,” resource-intensive model, our systems can shift to restorative or regenerative systems with the emergence of new business models based on usage rather than production/consumption.



  • Johann Clere (Veolia Open Innovation,  Director)
  • Ron Bohlmeijer (Heineken, Senior Global Lead Water )
  • Christian Vousvouras (Nestlé, Public Affairs)
  • Muzi Chonco (SABMiller, Environmental Manager)