International Tourism Partnership

#SIWISofa: Leading hotel companies are collaborating to drive water stewardship

Wednesday 31 August | 15.00-15.30 | Room: -

The International Tourism Partnership (ITP) drives responsible business within the hotel industry by engaging with the world’s leading hotel companies. At World Water Week 2016, ITP will launch the Hotel Water Measurement Initiative (HWMI). Developed by a working group of 18 global hotel companies in partnership with ITP and KPMG, HWMI is a unique example of how competing companies can collaborate to address common water challenges. HWMI is a methodology and tool to enables any hotel anywhere in the world to measure and report on water use in a consistent way. It is available to download free of charge on the ITP website from 30 August 2016. Our aim is that the methodology will become the universally recognised standard for water measurement in the hotel sector, allowing hotels to benchmark against properties in their region and seek ways to exercise good water stewardship and reduce their consumption.