The Rockefeller Foundation / The World Bank Group

Operationalizing resilience within water security

Thursday 31 August | 14.00-15.30 | Room: NL Pillar Hall

Achieving water security through improved water management and strategic investment lies at the heart of sustainable development and poverty reduction. A fundamental challenge to designing water security solutions is the uncertainty of the future, including climate change but also demographic changes and surprises related to natural and other hazards.  Resilient solutions call for strategies and tools at the country, basin, and project level capable of incorporating not only climate and disaster risk consideration into the analysis, but also innovative solutions to ease water scarcity constraints as well as socioeconomic and environmental considerations. These strategies are needed in order to identify the most serious constraints and risks as well as the areas of greatest unexploited potential by understanding that not all water-related challenges are equally significant in their impacts on people, ecosystems and economies. Strategies and tools that point to some extension of traditional decision analysis are needed and significant developments occurred in the last few years. Examples and lessons learned in their applications will be presented. By convening world leading experts in freshwater resource management and fields not previously integrated, this event will allow sharing practical examples with other organizations and practitioners. 


14:10 Welcome & Introduction
Maria Angelica Sotomayor
, The World Bank Group

14:10 Evolution of the World Bank’s Approach to Mexico City’s Water Challenges
Dr. Diego Rodriguez, The World Bank Group, and Dr. Casey Brown, Umass Amherst

14:40 Lessons Learned from Mexico City
Fernando Gonzalez
, Director General, OCAVM, and Eduardo Vazquez, Director General of the Mexico City Fund for Water

15:00 Q&A

15:30 Close of session