Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association / United Nations Human Settlements Programme / Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit

A Second Sanitary Revolution supporting The New Urban Agenda

Sunday 27 August | 14.00-15.30 | Room: NL 353

With both the New Urban Agenda and the SDGs driving us, there is growing appetite for a second sanitary revolution in cities. The event will take a brief look at much-needed Sanitary Revolutions in Cities and will looking back at how change in many European Cities (and others) was effected in the 1800s, re-visiting what the political levers were then and how they can be re-energised ! A Sanitary (rather than sanitation) revolution is necessary as we are quite sure that the broader issues of solid waste management and drainage, air pollution etc. together with provision of water and sanitation, are required to bring the radical change needed. The event will then look at how we might apply these ideas today in the global south and give some case studies. The event will be concluded with a expert panel discussion on the best way forward.


14.00 Welcome
Moderator: Sarah Kumpf, Radio Bremmen

14.05 Setting the Scene: The need for a second sanitary revolution in cities
Graham Alabaster, UN Habitat

14.15 The Health Argument
Dr Richard Lilford, University of Warwick Medical School

14.25 Innovative solutions on FSM
Trevor Surridge, GIZ

14.35 DEWATS: A sustainable option for Cities
Stefan Reuter, BORDA

14.45 Q&A

15.00 Panel Discussion

15.25 Concluding Remarks

15:30 Close of session