Poul Due Jensen Foundation / Water Mission

Water Pricing: Finding the right price in developing countries

Tuesday 29 August | 09.00-10.30 | Room: NL 353
Rural Water Financial Sustainability (Photo Credit: Water Mission)

If success of Sustainable Development Goal 6.1 is to be achieved by 2030, the affordability and long-term financial viability of safe water services must be simultaneously upheld.  In rural settings, the responsibility of performing this balancing act often falls on water user committees.  New technologies such as solar pumping solutions have made it possible to decrease operational and maintenance costs.  At the same time, the best technology will not be sustainable without robust management systems and identifying the right price point to support sustainability is often a challenge.  Drawing from experience in over 1,000 rural community-managed safe water projects, Water Mission has developed a simple, effective approach to helping water user committees understand the costs associated with managing their water services and how to establish affordable user fees to cover those costs.  This event will have attendees participate in a mock water user committee training session on financial sustainability. Additionally, role-play scenarios will highlight how Water Mission and communities work together to increase safe water demand, water revenue, and the likelihood of long-term financial sustainability.


09:00 Introduction and Opening Comments
Christian Hartvig, Poul Due Jensen Foundation

09:15 Development Approach and Community Scenario Introduction
George Greene IV, Water Mission

09:20 Rural Water Committee Simulation
Andrew Armstrong, and Seth Womble, Water Mission

  • 09:20 Meeting the Safe Water Committee
  • 09:25 Assessing affordability
  • 09:30 Budgeting for OpEX
  • 09:40 Budgeting for CapManEX
  • 09:50 Establishing financial targets

10:00 Reviewing performance and responding to challenges

10:15 Conclusions
Seth Womble, Water Mission

10:20 Q&A

10:30 Close of session