Colorado State University

Complexities Associated with Climate Change, Water, and Agriculture

Wednesday 30 August | 16.00-17.30 | Room: L12
photo credit: Bryce Bradford

Climate change, water resources and all scales and modes of agricultural production are inexorably interwoven with one another.  Pragmatically integrating the political, ecological, market, social and cultural expressions of each creates challenges and opportunities for water users.  Overlaying each of these over the others amplifies difficulties for water managers incorporating climate change models into programs and for agriculturalists.  This session focuses on the U.S. Northern Great Plains and the Colorado River Basin in the context of climate change dynamics, water resources and agriculture production and sustainability issues.  This session will address: 1) how agriculture is or is not adapting to climate and water issues, 2) current climate science research on the Colorado River Basin and possible impact on agricultural producation and water management, 3) local and regional policy options for agricultural adaptation to climate and water challenges, and 4) the possible opportunites for Climate Smart Agriculture as a local, national and global social and policy movement to address the complex interactions among climate change, water management and farming systems in transition.


16:00 Program Opening
Lou Swanson
, Colorado State University

16:10 Climate Smart Agriculture on the Colorado River System
Brad Udall, Colorado Water Institute, Colorado State University

16:25 Climate Resilience in Freshwater Ecosystems
John Matthews, AGWA

16:40 Increasing Water Security in Agriculture
Nick Brozovic, Water for Food Institute, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

16:55 Panel Discussion
Moderator: Reagan Waskom, Colorado Water Institute, Colorado State University

  • Peter McCormick, Water for Food Institute, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Nick Brozovic
  • John Matthews
  • Brad Udall 

17:15 Q&A 

17:25 Summary

17:30 Close of session