The PIANO Project Consortium

Advancing water innovation in Europe, China and globally

Wednesday 30 August | 16.00-17.30 | Room: NL 253

~~The event will bring together diverse high-level stakeholders from Europe and China and present findings from extensive research done under the three year program “PIANO – Policies, Innovations and Networks to advance Opportunities for EU China water cooperation”. The project has assessed, characterized and categorized hundreds of water technology innovations developed in Europe and China and selected those best fit for direct application or further development to address specific water challenges faced in China. It has further investigated specific barriers that impede the development and uptake of water innovations in Europe and China (due to policy, social, or market factors) and potential strategies and opportunities to overcome them. Building on analysis done on the innovation systems for water in Europe and China, as well as the existing networks and mechanisms to support R&I, it will provide insights to potentially inform on gaps and opportunities to advance effective bi- and multi-lateral cooperation between EU and Chinese partners on water issues. Findings should also be of interest for the strategic planning for water innovation development by other countries around the world. The event format will include a series of presentations of new research and interactive panel discussions.


16:00 Welcome remarks and introduction of the PIANO Project
Markus Starkl, University of Vienna and Joan Pablo Ferreira, LNEC

16:10 Strategic research and innovation priorities for China. Dr. Liu Dengwei, Ministry of Water Resources, China

16:25 Opportunities in water innovation between Europe and China. Simon Spooner, ATKINS

16:40European strategic research and innovation agenda for water
Elena Giusta, Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research

16:50 Water innovation cooperation between Europe and China – Learning from the China Europe Water Platform. Edouard Boinet, International Office for Water

17:00 Panel discussion: Catalyzing innovation in the water sector through Europe and China

Markus Starkl, BOKU
Bjorn K. Jensen, EWA
Edouard Boinet, IoW
Simon Spooner, ATKINS
Elena Giusta, ISPRA
Liu Dengwei, MWR-DRC
Joan Pablo Ferreira, LNEC

17:25 Concluding Remarks. Markus Starkl, BOKU

17:30 End of Session