GSM Association / Loowatt / Sanergy / SOIL / Wonderkid

Water and Sanitation: Innovative Mobile Solutions to Improve Service Delivery

Tuesday 29 August | 16.00-17.30 | Room: L12
Wonderkid and Lilongwe Water Board staff piloting Instant Mobile Billing. Photo credit Wonderkid

Mobile and Information and Communication Technologies are fundamentally changing how sustainable water and sanitation are delivered and managed.  Mobile solutions such as mobile apps, mobile payments and machine-to-machine communication are becoming essential tools for utilities and decentralized service providers looking to optimize their processes and run more efficiently.

In this session, GSMA M4D Utilities Innovation Fund grantees will share their experience leveraging mobile technology in partnership with utility providers or for decentralized services:

  • Wonderkid, a technology service provider, will present insights on their work with Kenyan water utility companies which resulted in improved revenue collection.
  • Sanergy, a sanitation service provider, will highlight their experience leveraging mobile technology across the sanitation value chain.
  • Loowatt, a sanitation service provider, will share their journey in the implementation of mobile technology.

SOIL, another sanitation service provider will then join the speakers for a panel discussion on what is required to facilitate the use of mobile technology in the sector and how else can mobile technology accelerate progress towards accomplishing SDG 6.


16:00 Welcome
Salima Fazal Karim, GSMA

16:05 Case Study 1: Using mobile technology to optimise water utility companies
Daniel Kamiri, Wonderkid

16:15 Case Study 2: Mobile and the sanitation value chain
Lindsay Stradley, Sanergy

16:25 The mobile-enabled service provider journey
Mary Roach, Loowatt

16:35 Presentation Q&A

16:50 Panel Discussion: Mobile and SDG 6

  • Erica Lloyd, SOIL
  • Mary Roach, Loowatt
  • Lindsay Stradley, Sanergy
  • Daniel Kamiri, Wonderkid

17:10 Panel Q&A

17:25 Summary
Salima Fazal Karim, GSMA

17:30 Close of session


Our session at World Water Week involved a presentation from Salima Fazal Karim, one of our Senior Market Engagement Managers, insights from each of the speakers and then a panel discussion. After Salima’s explanation of where we stand in terms of mobile technology and WASH and the work the programme has done with grantees, Daniel Kamiri from Wonderkid showcased their results working on water utility transformation in Kenya. Lindsay Stradley from Sanergy then presented their use of mobile technology at every step of the sanitation value chain, including for their grant project. Erica Lloyd from SOIL highlighted their use of mobile for sanitation marketing while Mary Roach from Loowatt talked about their journey implementing mobile. There were many questions from the packed and engaged audience, sharing of knowledge, discussion about topics like blockchain, mobile money uptake, analysis of data for marketing purposes, working with utility service providers and mobile network operators.

What conclusions came out of this session? As an industry, mobile technology can and will help solve the problem of access to improved water and sanitation services. Our GSMA Mobile for Development Utilities grantees are innovating and paving the way forward for this. Organisations from around the world are contributing to this cause, finding ways to work with utility providers, mobile network operators and other organisations, bringing the power of technology to bear. We, together, will achieve SDG 6.