Regional Environmental Center

MENA Focus - MENA Water World Café 2017

Wednesday 30 August | 11.00-12.30 | Room: FH Little Theatre

The MENA Water World Café will bring together leaders representing central and local governments, regional bodies, NGOs, academia and businesses from the MENA region. The event will kick-off with a brief plenary session, during which discussion topics will be outlined while dividing participants in 3 working groups. Groups will receive a background document and issue papers (distributed in advance) and will have facilitator. We are envisaging following three working groups with discussion topics: “Rethink before use” (group 1) - focusing on water governance & management in order to consider wastewater as a resource to be reused and recycled for irrigation and domestic use; “Climate change and Water- Waste Cycle” (group 2) – focusing on climate change effects on water-waste cycle (considering both water extremes and their impact) and “Water quality management” (group 3) - focusing on pollution reduction coming from urban and rural areas. Working groups will be rotating on in intervals of 25-20-15 minutes while facilitators will stay at the respective area during the entire process and later support outcome's summary.


11:00 Welcome
Mr. Dejan Komatina, Deputy Executive Director, REC

11:15 MENA Water World Café 2017 -  with facilitators in three groups / groups will be rotating in intervals of 25-20-15 minutes/:

  • Group 1 - “Rethink before use
    Facilitator: Mr. András Kis, Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research
  • Group 2 - “Climate change and Water- Waste Cycle
    Facilitator: Mr. Fayez Abdulla, Jordan University of Science and Technology
  • Group 3 - “Water quality management
    Facilitator: Ms. Jovanka Ignjatovic, REC

12:15 Wrap-up and closing remarks
Mr. Dejan Komatina
, Deputy Executive Director, REC

12:30 Close of session