DEG -Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH / UNGC CEO Water Mandate / United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment / World Wide Fund for Nature / World Resources Institute

Harnessing water risk tools: expanding our understanding of water waste

Tuesday 29 August | 09.00-10.30 | Room: FH 300
Lawrence Murray from Perth, Australia - Queenstown from Bob's Peak

Increasing water risks and impacts on economic growth have led to active engagement of the private sector in helping address shared water challenges. As a result, a number of tools have emerged to help global organizations evaluate water risks at the watershed scale, and in turn optimize efforts to individually and collectively reduce and reuse water. By helping companies understand the local context, water risk tools have played a key role in educating businesses and investors on the value of water, and opportunities for reducing water waste across sectors. This session will share insights from tool developers on the evolution of global water risk tools, and case studies from companies and investors on how such tools have led to the successful implementation of water reduction and reuse activities. Furthermore, participants will learn about improvements in contextual water use and reuse information, what data is available, and how they can help measure contributions to shared water challenges by better managing the water-waste cycle.  Finally, the session will conclude with new insights into the benefits and need for effective engagement in public policy and alignment with SDG 6 required to deliver shared benefits of water reuse projects worldwide.


09:00 Welcome and Opening Remarks
Jens Hoenerhoff, DEG

09:10 Water risk tools: WWF Water Risk Filter
Alexis Morgan, WWF

09:20 Water risk tools: WRI Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas
Paul Reig, WRI

9:30 Context-based water targets and corporate alignment with SDG6
Tien Shiao, Pacific Institute and CEO Water Mandate

9:35 Investor engagement in water stewardship and collective action on water reuse
Kristel Verhoef, ACTIAM

9:40 Panel Discussion
Moderator: Morgan Gillespy, CDP Water

  • Alexis Morgan, WWF
  • Tien Shiao, UNGC CEO Water Mandate
  • Paul Reig, WRI
  • Kristel Verhoef, ACTIAM
  • TBD (company #1)
  • TBD (company #2)

10:30 Close of session