Inter-American Development Bank / National Water Commission, Mexico / One Drop / Spanish Cooperation Agency for International Development / Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

Eye on LAC- Before/after the toilet: Sewer connectivity and fecal-sludge-management

Tuesday 29 August | 11.00-12.30 | Room: M6
Before and After the Toilet_by German Sturzenegger

Latin American countries have agreed to work towards adequate sanitation by 2030. This goal will not be achieved if people do not connect to the sewer network and fecal sludge is not properly managed. Access to adequate sanitation does not only mean constructing networks and toilets. It must be understood as an entire service delivery chain.

Many sector agencies and utilities are investing in expanding sewerage to later find out that only 30-40% actually connects to the network they build. This low connectivity carries technical and financial problems that make sanitation infrastructure unsustainable. Policy makers have very few instruments at hand. At the same time, a high percentage of Latin Americas rely on on-site sanitation solutions, but very rarely, unless treated on-site through an ecological toilet or otherwise, fecal sludge is properly managed.

There is no circular economy if these two issues (connectivity and fecal sludge management) are not properly addressed. This event will thus focus on: i) identifying strategies to promote connectivity to the sewer network through information and economic incentives; ii) finding solutions to the FSM challenges the region faces; and iii) showcasing good examples/practices on how the public and private sector are overcoming these problems. 


11:00 Introduction
David Sparkman, Sanitation Specialist

11:05 Before the toilet: Promoting sewer connectivity
Germán Sturzenegger, IADB

 11:20 Before the toilet: The technology side - How condominial sewerage promoted network connectivity in Honduras and Nicaragua
Sergio Pérez Leon, SDC

11:35 After the toilet: On site fecal sludge management 
Eduardo Pérez, USAID

11:50 After the Toilet: Facilitating fecal sludge management and resource recovery through urban container-based sanitation
Sasha Kramer, SOIL

12:05 Q&A

12:25 Summary

12:30 Close of session