The World Bank Group / Tokyo Development Learning Center

Urban Lessons from Japan: Technical Exchange on Water and Waste

Sunday 27 August | 11.00-12.30 | Room: FH Cabaret
Yokohama City, Japan

The linkage between solid waste management and disaster risk management, particularly flood events is an area of emerging focus for developing countries. It includes issues about improper waste treatment leading to river blockage, sludge accumulation, and potentially water-borne diseases following disasters. Japan’s wealth of experience in comprehensive flood management to reduce urban flood risk provides important lessons and viable solutions relevant to challenges faced by developing countries. Rapid urbanization, particularly in areas below known flood levels, and proximity to water hazards have warranted these innovative and evolving approaches. This engaging showcase will address the global challenge of floods and waste, look at Japan’s past challenges in these sectors and provide lessons learned and successful approaches to address catastrophic challenges arising at the intersection of floods and waste. Lessons from Tokyo, Kitakyushu, Yokohama and other cities will be shared.

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