Global Partnership for Social Accountability / The World Bank Group / Water Witness International / WaterAid

Scaling up Social Accountability for Water and Waste

Tuesday 29 August | 11.00-12.30 | Room: FH 307
Global Partnership for Social Accountability/ Project in Tajikistan

~~At the heart of the Sustainable Development Goals is a philosophy to “Leave No One Behind”. For water governance, management and services the challenge is immense, as millions of people – poor, with disabilities, women, minorities and others – remain excluded from water resources and services. How can social accountability be applied across different country realities and programmes towards attaining SDG 6?

Drawing on recent urban and rural examples, the discussion will set out practices necessary in the water sector to ensure that excluded groups are able to actively hold to account governments and service providers to ensure their rights to water and sanitation are respected and fulfilled. The session will explore how citizen engagement can be adapted to transform accountability relationships, empower communities and activate government responsibility for water governance, service delivery and pollution control. 

An introduction to the session and the issues will be followed by short contributions on experiences from across Africa, that will highlight drivers and actions that engage citizens and break through exclusion in water and waste management. The audience will break into groups and discuss other expreiences, followed by a report back.


11:00 Welcome
Maitreyi Bordia Das, The World Bank Group

11:15 Case studies

  • Benin: Alice Chabi Guiya, GPSA,
  • Ethiopia: Bethlehem Mengistu, WaterAid
  • Zambia: Monica Chundama, Action for Water

11:45 Group discussions

12:10 Summary

12:30 Close of session