The State of the Evidence Base for WASH Microfinance

Sunday 27 August | 11.00-12.30 | Room: M5
Kalavathi with her loan card. Credit: Water.org

Water.org will host a panel presentation to discuss the current state of evidence for WASH microfinance and lead a discussion about where the gaps exist in the knowledge base. This session will bring together WASH entities (NGOs, nonprofits), microfinance practitioners, academics, and donors to dissect the need for evidence to build the case for WASH microfinance- what the approach has been thus far, how it should be altered, and what key gaps we need to fill to help scale WASH microfinance. 

We will invite panelists to speak on their perception of the current state of evidence on WASH microfinance and where they see the greatest need, and then will open it up for audience reflections and input. 


11:00 Welcome and Introduction: Overview of Water.org and its innovative WaterCredit program

11:10 Panel presentations: Stakeholders will share how their organizations see the current evidence base, where they see the gaps, and how they utilize evidence in their programs or research

12:00 Discussion on access to information and knowledge

12:10 Audience questions and reflections, Closing

12:30 Close of session