African Development Bank / African Ministers' Council On Water / African Water Facility

An African Response to Agenda 2030

Sunday 27 August | 16.00-17.30 | Room: FH Cabaret

The emergence of Agenda 2030 heralds changes to the development sector, bringing with it the need for established institutions to evolve. As key African institutions, AfDB, AMCOW, and AWF have an important role to play in helping African States address their water aspirations. The Showcase will outline key approaches by the three Conveners, and how they interlock to produce an evolving and more effective approach. The AfDB will showcase its development leadership activities in the African water and sanitation sector, including mainstreaming of hosted water related trust funds, its new strategic priorities, and delivery under its new decentralized model that takes services closer to the client. AMCOW, with the support of AfDB and AWF, has been developing important monitoring tools that help provide direction for water investment, and it will present the next phase of its Monitoring and Reporting Programme. The AWF will launch its Long Term Strategy 2017-2025 and present its new approach to leverage financing for water sector, including Project Preparation, Catalytic Investments and Investment Promotion. Together, the three institutions provide a comprehensive approach to preparing sustainable infrastructure projects, whilst strengthening the enabling investment climate and facilitating access to investment financing by African governments and the private sector. 


16:00-16:05 Introduction Moderated by Canisius Kanangire (Executive Secretary of the African Ministers' Council on Water)

16:05 - 16:25  Speaker from AMCOW on Water Leadership: Hon. Eng. Gerson Lwenge, Minister for Water & Irrigation, Tanzania / AMCOW President

16:25 Speaker from AfDB on Water Leadership and its approach: Osward Chanda, Director, AHWS, AfDB

16:45 Speakers from the AWF on the Strategy 2017-2025. Introduction: S.E.M. Ahmadou Mansour FAYE Ministre de l'Hydraulique et de l' Assainissement, Senegal

Technical Speaker Jean Michel Ossete (Coordinator, AWF)

17:10 Open floor discussion: Evnt Summary Canisius Kanangire (Executive Secretary of the African Ministers' Council on Water)

17:25 Event Summary

17:30 Close of event