Stockholm International Water Institute

Join SIWI’s journey towards strengthened water governance

Monday 28 August | 16.00-17.30 | Room: NL 353

As a cooperative, partnership-driven organization, we continuously work to improve the relationships between actors working on water issues and the wider water community. We believe that partnerships offer the greatest potential for results and lasting impact, including a wider reach, a stronger voice and more weight in influencing decision-makers.


16:00 Welcome
Torgny Holmgren, SIWI Executive Director

16:05 The story behind the new SIWI Strategy
Anton Earle, Africa Regional Centre, SIWI 

16:20 Questions & Answers
Anton Earle, SIWI and Håkan Tropp, Director, Water Governance Facility, SIWI

16:30 Pitches from SIWI experts
Rowena Barber, SIWI

•    Source to Sea Platform, Birgitta Liss Lymer, SIWI
•    Shared Waters Partnership, Maria Vink, SIWI
•    Water Integrity, James Leten, SIWI
•    Food and Beverage, Prof. Jan Lundqvist, SIWI
•    SIWI Journalist Grants, Victoria Engstrand-Nescsu, SIWI

17:00 Mingle and Q&A with SIWI experts

17:25 Closing remarks, Anton Earle, SIWI

17:30 Close of session