Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Global Framework on Water Scarcity in Agriculture

Sunday 27 August | 11.00-12.30 | Room: NL 353

The Coping with Water Scarcity in Agriculture: A Global Framework for Action in a changing Climate was officially launched during the COP22 of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Marrakesh, Morocco, in November 2016. The Global Framework has been proposed to respond to the increasingly urgent issues of water scarcity. it seeks to catalyse international cooperation on water scarcity in agriculture in the context of climate change and growing competition for water resources. It is a call for partners from different sectors and backgrounds to join a concerted effort to support countries in implementing their nationally determined contributions (NDCs) and other plans and programmes related to agriculture and water; and in achieving the food security and water-related targets of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

More than 100 partners and stakeholders  met for the first time on 19-20 April 2017 in Rome ; they agreed on a governance structure and established an interim Steering Committee. A Rome Statement was also adopted. Partners made proposals of activities for consideration in the workplan that is being finalised.

This event will provide an update on progress to date and is a call to join the Global Framework.


11:00 Welcome
Torkil Jønch Clausen, Chair of the Interim Steering Committee of the GFWS

11:05 Background to the Global Framework
Eduardo Mansur, FAO

11:15 Presentation of the Global Framework on Water Scarcity in Agriculture
Ruhiza Boroto, FAO

11:25 Panel presentations: Why has our organization joined the GFWS?

  • Jeremy Bird, IWMI
  • Mariet Verhoeff-Cohen, WfWP
  • Job Kleijn, Min of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands
  • Peter G. McCornick, University of Nebraska
  • Marco Arcieri, International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage
  • Tatiana Fedotova, WBCSD

11:45 Questions and Answers
Public and Panelists

12:15 Concluding remarks

12:25 Call to join the GFWS and Conclusion

12:30 Close of session