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WASH & Nutrition Nexus: an effective approach to stop stunting

Wednesday 30 August | 11.00-11.45 | Room: NL 253
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Worldwide 159 million children under five are stunted or too short for their age. Stunting is defined as having a height more than two standard deviations below the World Health Organization (WHO) Child Growth Standards median. Stunting is caused by inadequate nutrition and recurrent infections including the fecal-oral transmission of pathogens within the first 1,000 days of a child’s life. Many of the deaths related to infectious diseases concern children who are chronically malnourished or stunted. Stunting is also associated with long-lasting, negative cognitive and physical consequences.     New research has shown that unsafe water, sanitation and hygiene practices may have a more significant impact on chronic under-nutrition than previously recognized. Exposure to fecal contamination via water or surroundings can, in the long term, chronically infect a child’s intestines. This results in reduced absorption of nutrients, contributing to the prevalence of stunting and increased vulnerability. This means that the WASH sector can potentially play a more significant role in reducing the prevalence of stunting. During this proposed event, experts will seek to introduce the evidence and share some of the field experiences of integrating WASH & Nutrition into programmes in Bangladesh. 


11:00 Welcome
Moderator: Femke Markus, Max Foundation

11:05 Baby WASH
Syed Adnan
 Ibna Hakim, UNICEF

11:15 Stunting Free Villages
Imam Mahmud Riad, Max Foundation

11:25 Discussion

11:45 Close of session