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Water Solutions For Remote Areas: From Water Generation to Wastewater

Thursday 31 August | 12.00-12.45 | Room: NL 253

  Water, as a fundamental element for human life, has its own life, its own cycle.  This cycle, much wider than the one known in the natural environment or ecosystem, is the water cycle in the field of human consumption.  Water as a limited resource, has expiration date. The generation of water is a reality, and this milestone is the origin of a new and future consciousness of water. If we can generate it, we can use it, but it has to be done more efficiently and it should be valued at the end of its theoretical useful life, making a maximum use of it.    For this reason, ARPA solutions, world leaders in the optimization of the use of water throughout its life cycle contribute a present and a real future. We want to show not only our solutions, but how they work in a coordinated way before any situation in order to provide water to the needy populations, providing value through their solutions throughout their cycle and solving real needs.  Not only a need must be solved, but it must be done in an efficient, sustainable and durable way.


12.00 Introduction: ARPA's worldwide activity expertise solving water problems in remote areas. Quantifying the water problem and how we can solve it through the water cycle

12.10 The traditional water cycle vs. the real water cycle - Comparative between how developed countries use the water cycle with how to use the water cycle in remote areas

  • Tap water vs. water captation, water treatment, water generation and distribution
  • Water storage in developed countries vs. storage in bags or water tanks in remote areas
  • Sanitation and water usage in developed countries vs. remote areas
  • Waste water treatment: flush vs collection systems and waste water treatment plants

12.35 Conclusions

12.40 Questions

12:45 Close of session