ARCOWA / International Water Association / Stockholm International Water Institute

Overcoming water scarcity and drought: Reduce, re-use and replenish

Monday 28 August | 14.00-15.30 | Room: FH Congress Hall A

Severe water scarcity and drought affect four billion people throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. The chronic problem of water scarcity impairs people, cities, industries, agriculture and the environment.

With the SDGs and the Paris Agreement we have renewed commitments to act on water scarcity and drought. To deliver on these commitments, we need sustained and innovative efforts towards water systems that are more resilient and can cope with extreme conditions. It implies addressing water demand through reducing inefficient water use and allocations, while augmenting water supplies using a portfolio of diverse water sources. In short, we need to reduce water use, re-use water and replenish resources through a sustained effort across water use sectors.

The 2017 World Water Week - High Level Panel on Water Scarcity will review the technological, operational and regulatory advances made recently to turn water scarcity into a new opportunity for sustainable water management. Examples will be shown from, lower costs of water re-use and desalination, local water markets - cap and trade, and groundwater storage management.

The Panel will further review the potential of initiatives recently launched to accelerate government and business engagement in becoming more pro-active on addressing water scarcity and drought. 


Moderators: Dr Ger Bergkamp, President & CEO, ARCOWA, and Tom Williams, Interim-Executive Director, IWA 

14:00 Opening
H.E. Karolina Skog, Minister for the Environment, Sweden, and Dr Zaini bin Ujang, Secretary-General, Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water, Malaysia 

14:15 Leading edge solutions: reduce, re-use, replenish

  • Dr Nick Schofield, CEO, AWP 
  • Prof Glenn Daigger, University of Michigan
  • Jaime Baptista, Lisbon International Centre on Water (LIS-Water)

14:50 Critical questions and input from the audience

15:00 Emerging initiatives on water scarcity

  • Jennifer Sara, Director, World Bank
  • Louise Whiting, FAO
  • Sergio Campos, Chief Water and Sanitation Division, IADB
  • Christian Frutiger, Global Head, Public Affairs, Nestle SA, Switzerland

15:15 Critical questions and input from the audience

15:25 Final remarks and closing

  • Torgny Holmgren, Executive Director, SIWI, Sweden

15:30 Close of session