Water Integrity Network / Water Witness International / World Resources Institute

Empowering Local Communities with Social Accountability Tools

Wednesday 30 August | 09.00-10.30 | Room: NL 353

This showcase will highlight the use of the right to information and participation to improve water governance through WRI's Strengthening The Right to Information for People and the Environment (STRIPE) project. Empowered communities can use the right to information and participation to create avenues for stronger accountability around clean water.  We will present a report from three years of work in Indonesia, Thailand, and Mongolia with local communities, highlighting the barriers men and women face when attempting to demand appropriate water governance, improved waste management and enforcement of water quality standards in local areas. Water Integrity Network, Water Witness and multilateral institutional water governance experts will facilitate an interactive discussion on social accountability strategies that enhance the involvement of local communities. We will discuss:How to better leverage and scale up approaches that involve citizens in SDG 6, target 3 and SDG 12 targets?; The challenges engaging people in solutions for clean water quality through the release of monitoring and other governance information; What is the role of governments to provide appropriate forums and comprehensive water quality, health and  corporate facility specific pollution control information to the public?.


09:00 Welcome
Carole Excell
, Acting Director, WRI

09:05 Lessons and Findings from the Strengthening the Right to Information for People and Environment Project
Elizabeth Moses, WRI

09:20 Commentary “Using social accountability approaches with local communities to access clean water”
Lotte Feuerstein, WIN

09:27 Commentary “Water Governance and social accountability
Delphine Clavreul, OECD 

09:34 Commentary “Social justice and accountability demands in the water sector”
Nick Hepworth, Water Witness

  • Strategies for expanding communities’ involvement in decision-making to strengthen accountability

09:41 Q&A

09:50 Round table workshop

  • Meeting SDG6 through the leveraging and scaling up social and environmental justice efforts for clean water
  • Bottom up demands for transparency and accountability to achieve clean water, whose listening?
  • How to spur investment in improving national water governance efforts and use of social accountability tools

10:15 Report Back

10:25 Summary
Carole Excell, Acting Director, WRI

10:30 Close of session