Odial Solutions Group / Veolia

#SIWISofa: Supplying Rural Areas with Water and Electricity Simultaneously

Monday 28 August | 15.30-16.00 | Room: Exhibition Hall
solutions for remote settlements

Providing sustainable access to water and energy proves difficult in rural areas due to the isolation of sites, the low incomes that limit ability to pay for services, the size of the projects, and their extremely low profitability. Because it is difficult if not impossible to connect to regional grids, the interest and capacity to install large scale solutions is limited at best.   

Veolia and Odial Solutions propose to use a single concession framework to offer a comprehensive service covering both urban and rural areas, thus capturing the economy of scale and allowing tariff transfers and synergies among locations and clients. This solution entails the extensive use of decentralized technical solutions such as solar pumps, stand-pipes among others.