Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia B.V / Nestlé Nespresso / Wageningen University & Research / Nestlé

Manos al Agua: Integrated water management for sustainable coffee

Tuesday 29 August | 14.30-15.00 | Room: Exhibition Hall

“Manos al Agua’ is a unique and innovative program that seeks to develop regional solutions that are aligned to international sustainability initiatives.

Led by the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC), the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Colombian Presidential Agency for International Cooperation, Cenicafé, Nescafé, Nestlé, Nespresso, and Wageningen University.

This public private partnership is the largest global coffee initiative addressing climate variability and water-use issues. At the community level, for instance, it will ensure that more coffee growers have access to post-harvesting centers, which will significantly improve water use practices. At a landscape level, the project works on a river basin management approach and on reforestation/agroforestry to mitigate risks such as erosion, restore ecological soil, increase biodiversity and conserve natural capital. Similarly, at the farm level, it will introduce wastewater management innovations.”