AGIRE / Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit / Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries, Tunisia

#SIWISofa: Why Should I Change my Water Behavior?

Thursday 31 August | 11.00-11.30 | Room: Exhibition Hall

The issue we want to talk about is: How can we change unsustainable water uses and water politics into sustainable ones. For water users this is about achieving a self-driven water saving behavior and on political level taking water saving triggering decisions. Instead, in our Tunisia program we found out that there are “triggers” which incite water wasting meanwhile we were doing campaigns to convince users of the importance of efficient water use. Without knowing and addressing these triggers, water campaigns, water saving techniques and even participatory approaches will have little effect on water saving behavior. Water resource campaigners need users to want to change their behavior and this works only if there are no adverse triggers. The typical conflict is water saving campaigns on one hand and agricultural subsidies on the other which trigger wasting of water. 

We have developed a system which identify these triggers and their strength (positive and negative) on switching to water saving behavior. These helped us to orient the activities done in our program. Its partially based on a system used in behavioral science, called (in German) “Kraftfeldanalyse”, which has been adapted to the specific case of water resources management.