The Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia

#SIWISofa: Involving Local Communities to Water Management

Thursday 31 August | 14.30-15.00 | Room: Exhibition Hall
Image Caption: Local farmer, member of the Isfara Small Basin Council, Tajikistan. Photo credit: The Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC)

Water Resources Management process requires the participation of all stakeholders, especially local communities, in the basin. However, some impediments still persist in introducing the participatory approach to involve women and young generation in Central Asia, who are poorly represented in the local governance, NGOs and farmers' associations. To a certain extent, this is caused by lack of awareness about the benefits of basin planning and basin management approaches within the local communities, especially among women and youth. Women hold a decision-making role on water issues at a household level and young generation has an influence among their peers. Nevertheless, currently, members of the Basin Councils in CA are predominantly males over 45 years old with established social status. To introduce the change to the “business as usual” scenario, CAREC is working with non-traditional local institutions those have an influence on the local community to identify the leaders among women, who should be included in the basin council. Thus, allowing for the wider community integration and participation. Isfara Small Basin Council is a good example where voices of all stakeholders are well represented.