The Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia

Re-integration of Central Asian Water Science into Global Sustainable Development

Thursday 31 August | 15.30-16.00 | Room: Exhibition Hall
Image caption: Participants of the 7th Central-Asian Leadership Programme on Environment for Sustainable Development. Photo credit: The Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC)

Because of the language barrier and lack of coordination between science and practice, Central Asia’s academia and science continue to be low on the global water and environmental initiatives radar. The situation worsened even more after the disintegration of the Soviet Union when Central Asian countries started the process of formation of national identities and economies. This led to the formation of independent players on the global platforms, despite the fact that cohesive actions of all countries are needed to resolve issues of a transboundary nature. CAREC has initiated a network of academic societies for Central Asia and Afghanistan, that unites universities and research centers working in the environmental and water sectors to exchange experiences. This regional mechanism aims to break this “academic isolation” and play an integrative role of Central Asian academic and science in the global scientific society.