Inter-American Development Bank

#SIWISofa: Water water everywhere: but is it safe for all?

Wednesday 30 August | 15.30-16.00 | Room: Exhibition Hall
Credit IDB

Properly identifying the main challenges facing the water and sanitation sector in Latin America and the Caribbean over the next 15 years is not a simple task. On the one hand, there is a wide political, economic and social heterogeneity between countries, differences in economic development, various sectoral institutions; and, on the other, there is uncertainty in aspects such as predictions of urban and rural growth, forecasts of economic progress , social and technological development of countries and the effects of climate change on the availability of water resources. However, efforts done on SIWI's World Water Week in recent years has been of great importance in helping to identify the most outstanding challenges and actions that will enable Latin American countries to be more effectively in addressing issues and taking advantage of the opportunities.