Australian government

High Level Panel on Water: Catalysing change and partnerships

Thursday 31 August | 16.00-17.30 | Room: NL 253
Willem van Aken on January 01 1998

This session introduces three High Level Panel on Water Initiatives being led by Australia:

1. The Water Innovation Engine: to support evidence-based innovation to tackle pressing challenges in the water sector for households, cities and watersheds.

2. The World Water Data Initiative: to improve access to water data required for evidence based decision making about water, primarily by reducing the cost and complexity for governments and communities.

3. Water Use Efficiency projects, including 'WaterGuide': to support governments and communities seeking to improve their water use efficiency.


Innovation: Bill Costello, Minister Counsellor (Development), Embassy of Australia, Washington DC

Data: Rob Argent, General Manager Water, Bureau of Meteorology Australia

Efficiency: Tony Slatyer, Special Advisor, Water, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia