International Water Management Institute / Robert B. Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute at the University of Nebraska / Center for Advanced Water Research / International Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre / Institute for Global Environmental Strategies

Groundwater-based natural infrastructure solutions: The missing link to resilience?

Tuesday 28 August | 11.00-12.30 | Room: NL Pillar Hall
Prashanth Vishwanathan/IWMI

The groundwater-based natural infrastructure (GBNI) event will highlight and discuss the role and prospects of solutions that explicitly and actively consider and emphasize groundwater as a natural infrastructure. The solutions include managed aquifer (or artificial) recharge with various degrees of supportive grey infrastructure to enhance water storage underground for subsequent recovery and use and the slight derivative where storm water is purposefully tapped and diverted underground for flood protection as well as subsequent productive or environmental purposes. GBNI also encompasses various approaches that enhance treatment or protection of fresh underground water and associated ecosystems and their services, like river bank filtration, underground dams, recharge area protection, enclosures, etc. The event will discuss the spectrum of solutions, exemplify novel and innovative approaches that account for both sustainability, bankability and affordability, equity in benefits and social acceptance and engagement. The solutions will also be discussed in terms of complementarity to existing more traditional storage and treatment infrastructure solutions and how we can promote, improve and integrate the groundwater-based ones for increased resilience and inclusive water security. The event will bring in multiple and inter-disciplinary perspectives from developing and developed countries in a highly interactive forum.


Programme for Special Event on:

Groundwater-based Natural Infrastructure : The missing link to resilience?

11:00 Welcome by Moderator

Alvar Closas, IWMI, International Water Management Institute

11:05 Introduction to Groundwater-Based Natural Infrastructure (GBNI)

Karen Villholth, IWMI, International Water Management Institute

Presentation of GBNI cases and initiatives from around the world:

11:15 MAR in Nebraska

Nick Brozovic, DWFI, Daugherty Water for Food Institute

11:20 Payment for Ecosystem Services for MAR, Japan

Binaya Raj Shivakoti, IGES, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies

11:25 Underground Taming of Floods, India

Paul Pavelic, IWMI, International Water Management Institute

11:30 Stormwater Harvesting via Aquifers, Adelaide, South Australia

 Andrew Ross, ANU, Australian National University, Australia

11:35 Roads: Green Infrastructure for Groundwater Recharge, Ethiopia, etc.

 Frank van Steenbergen, MetaMeta, the Netherlands

11:40 Unmanaged Recharge with Poor Outcomes, India

Jenny Grönwall, SIWI, Stockholm International Water Institute

11:45 Planning and Assessment of MAR applications

Catalin Stefan, CAWR, Centre for Advanced Water Research

11:50 The Global MAR Portal

Arnaud Sterckx, IGRAC, International Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre

11:55 Q and A and general discussion

12:30 Closure of Special Event