AGIRE / Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit

Changing Water Behaviour in Maghreb - Challenges and Approaches

Thursday 30 August | 10.00-10.30 | Room: Exhibition Hall

Everyone agrees that the times of resource mobilization driven water management is over and demand management is essential to achieve an equalized water balance through a thoughtful use of available water resources. But there is widespread overuse of water even in countries suffering from water stress, like those in the Maghreb region. The question is: What can decision makers, administrations and NGOs do to enhance mindful water behavior and what can projects do to support them? The AGIRE Team Tunisia has identified three different categories of triggers (or nudges), which address our way of using water, such as regulation, financial (dis)incentives and environmental awareness. We presented the system last year in a SIWI Sofa Session. This year we want to present the experiences we made on national and regional level using this approach and how it could be adapted and duplicated to other regions and countries. The interviewed partners will be from national and regional institutions with a high degree of experience on administrative and political level in the Maghreb countries.