Inter-American Development Bank / The Nature Conservancy / FEMSA Foundation

Eye on LAC- Mainstreaming Natural Infrastructure in Water Projects

Tuesday 28 August | 14.00-15.30 | Room: FH Congress Hall A
Fondos de Agua-IDB

In Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), cities are growing at an incredible pace. Along with that growth comes the need for more water to address food, sanitation, and energy requirements. In LAC, 40% of the land area around water sources is degraded by deforestation, poor agricultural practices and new development. The effects of these degradation are becoming visible: increased treatment costs, reduced aquifer recharge, increased exposure to water-related events such as droughts and floods. Nature can secure water supplies while adding several benefits that address the challenges LAC faces.

In most cases, water and sanitation projects do not consider natural or green components in their design, even when the economic case is clear. Grey infrastructure typically prevails as technical solution. The sector needs a shift towards greener projects. This session will discuss how to optimize water and sanitation projects by incorporating nature-based solutions and, therefore, provide greater economic, social and environmental benefits to society. The driving questions will be: a) what’s the technical and economic case for mainstreaming nature-based solutions into water and sanitation projects? b) what types of green solutions can be put in place? and c) what successful experiences can be showcased in LAC and beyond?


14:00  Welcoming Remarks to Eye on LAC: Sergio Campos, IDB 

14:15    Introduction by Moderator: Hugo Contreras, TNC 

14:25    Enabling Adaptive Management: Integrating ecosystems into the Master Planning process. Monica Altamirano, Deltares  

14:40    Designing Co-Optimized Green-Grey Infrastructure Solutions: Integration methodology and considerations. Mark Fletcher, ARUP

14:55    Panel Discussion and Q&A: Mainstreaming green and grey from the utility and regulatory perspective:

  • Marco Antonio Cevallos, EPMAPS, Ecuador
  • Ivan Lucich, SUNASS, Peru
  • Mark Fletcher, ARUP
  • Monica Altamirano, Deltares

15:25    Summary and Wrap-up by Moderator